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Tips to Manifesting in 2019

Since it is New Year's Eve, I thought it would be appropriate to post something about resolutions and how to get what you want out of 2019. Many people make resolutions in the new year, but have no idea how to begin. Here are some of my tips for manifesting for your best year.

First, get really clear on what you want. Write it down. Ask the Universe for what you want and have no expectations as to how it's going to play out. This is where we try to control how it happens and we begin to doubt and waver in what we asked for. It's quite easy to ask for what you want, but you don't get to control HOW it happens. Don't worry about the means, just keep focused on the ends. The Universe will take care of it! Sit in your meditation and visualize what you have asked for. At the end of your meditation, let it go. It's important to not get so hung-up on what you've asked for. You just need to believe that it will happen.

Second, once you have asked the Universe for what you want; a different job, a new car, a great partner, or more money. . . sit back and observe. Watch the different ways that the Universe will start to present signs and people who will guide you to your goals. You may run into the right people at the right time and just one conversation can change everything. Trust in the synchronicity. It's magic!

Third, keep those Negative Nellies out of your business. They are only there to poke holes in your dreams and completely deflate you. And that's not what this year is about. It's about asking for what you want, getting what you want, and staying grateful. Share your dreams and desires only with people who are supportive. Those are the people you want in your corner.

Remember there will be challenges on this road. But do not be deterred. As my favorite motivational speaker and author Gabby Bernstein says, "Obstacles are detours in the right direction." This is partly because we want to control every step of the process and we forget that the Universe is always working in our favor. We need to have faith that there is an energy working for our greatest good, even when there are obstacles in the way. Those obstacles are helping us to our goal. What we perceive to be "bad" may not be that at all. Keep an open mind to how your desires may manifest. It may look nothing like you thought it would, but it will happen. Be open to the Universe providing everything you asked for.

Happy Manifesting!!!

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