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Doing Nothing Vs. Nothing To Do. . . There is a Difference

The subject of doing nothing came up in a yoga class I recently attended. A great topic since it seems no one has time to do nothing and it never seems that anyone has nothing to do. When I teach children's yoga, we always end class in Savasana or "The Do Nothing Doll." The little rhyme that goes with the picture says, "Nothing to think, nothing to do, doing nothing is good for you." I wholeheartedly believe that it is important to schedule time for self-care, which includes nothing to do. But there is a big difference between doing nothing and having nothing to do.

The first time I contemplated the difference between doing nothing and having nothing to do was during my yoga teacher training. My teacher explained that doing nothing means you actually have something to do, yet you are choosing not to do it. Nothing to do means you literally have nothing to do. The latter is more my style. We all have commitments and errands to run, which means we always have something to do. But having nothing to do is quite the rarity these days. Scheduling in time, maybe five or 10 minutes a day to have nothing to do can be the reset your day needs. It can give you more energy and it lets you unplug from the outside world for a moment (and this doesn't mean scrolling mindlessly through Instagram and Facebook.) Just let your imagination wander for a while and daydream like you did back in elementary school. Heck, even get a notepad and start doodling.

Doing nothing means you are possibly neglecting responsibilities and chores that you know you need to do. Having nothing to do means you can do whatever you like, without feeling guilty for doing nothing. If you're anything like me, someone who likes to make lists, the to-do list never seems to end, but finding time to have nothing to do is important. Writing this piece was on my to-do list for the weekend, so upon completion I will have nothing to do. Knowing I have nothing to do afterwards is a great feeling. Having nothing to do leaves space for creativity. This space is where ideas begin to pop-up and inspiration can begin. Give your mind space to run wild and think up big dreams. Try to give yourself at least five minutes a day to have nothing to do. You may never know what you could dream up during your nothing to do time.



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