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Falling Into Place

I have had the notes on my phone to write this blog for months. . .but hadn't had the time since we decided to move across the country from Los Angeles to New Hampshire. Now that we are mostly settled, I will begin to update this blog a little more regularly.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through Instagram I saw my friend's post about synchronicity. And I thought to myself, "Well, there's a sign I need to write my blog." I had composed a little note on my phone about synchronicity and how it has been showing up in my life for a while now. It seems the more I paid attention to the events and signs that were showing up in my life, the more I noticed how it must have come from my current positive mind-set.

Synchronicity or coincidence, whatever you are inclined to call it, is there. When you begin to notice and observe how the Universe is supporting you, the more you will see that it does not seem random, but actual miracles taking place in our lives. I had been having a rough week and I began to doubt my abilities. My confidence began to waiver and the negative self-talk crept in. Just when I started to listen to the voices, my sign from the Universe appeared and it reminded me that I was fully aligned with my purpose and it erased all doubt from my mind. How awesome is that??!?

Synchronicity is big picture. Something larger than you and I at work. Coincidence is merely luck. Synchronicity, inner guide, and intuition are the tools we have to work with, so put them to work for you, too. Sit down on that meditation cushion and ask yourself, "What is my heart's greatest desire?" Then listen. The answers will come. When we are able to quiet the voices and endless chatter in our brains, the answers will begin to come to us through our inner voices and intuition.

The Universe is supporting you and all of your decisions. It is guiding you, always. Just when you think it's time to give up, the Universe will magically appear and reveal your sign to show that you are in alignment with your true purpose and your true nature.


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