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Corona. . .You're Keeping Me Busy!

So. . . here we are in the middle of a pandemic due to a Coronavirus. And it all feels like this can get very scary, very quickly. Some folks have already purchased all of the toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue at the local market in town. I've been staying home practicing "social distancing" for many days now and practicing a lot of yoga. It almost sounds like my normal day-to-day life. Almost. Minus the panic about what to wipe my bum with.

As I walked my little beast, Bettie, on Tuesday, all I could think about was that there has to be something positive and beneficial to come after all this is over. We will have to adjust to a new normal because that is what happens after a trauma, a new normal arises. Because if you didn't know or couldn't see it, this is a traumatic event. Eleven days ago, I made a quick video about light workers and what it means to be one. And what that means for light workers is that this is our time to use our gifts to help people through this uncertain time with love and reassurance. It's like this dis-ease was a call to light workers to guide people through this unsteady and possibly scary time. Right before Corona, I was quite content with my daily routine and schedule, and all that my life entails. I knew there were some areas in my business that needed attention, but I knew I'd eventually get to those tasks. No hurries, no worries, right?

AND BOOM!!! Here's CORONA or more recently novel COVID-19. As soon as "social distancing" became a term in my vocabulary, I thought, well, Yoga will probably have to move online. The one thing that I had on my "I'll get to that later" to-do list, just jumped to my #1 priority. Funny how the Universe works sometimes. Now, this is my silver-lining and my positive from what is currently going on globally. I've taken my business online. So, here I am again, baby entrepreneur learning new stuff all over again. It's thrilling. I'm excited. I'm lit-up like a Christmas tree. New ideas flowing and inspiration everywhere. If anybody needs a quick pick-me-up, scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feeds. . . nothing but yoga and love! One of the many bonuses of having yoga friends and teachers on social media.

I'm not going to sugar-coat what is going on globally and I'm not going to feed into the fear that is sucking everyone down into a deep abyss, but what I will do is provide you hope. Hope that we will come out on the other side of this. We may end up learning things about ourselves that we were afraid to face. Truths that you never wanted to see the light. The truths are coming to the surface. So sit with them. Feel them. Release them. This is not the time to drown out feelings with booze, drugs, food, sex, mindless shopping and consumerism or whatever your vice is. This pandemic will change us to our core; because I think that's what this dis-ease is meant to do. It is meant to show us (the world's inhabitants) that we are seriously screwing up and we need to do something right now.

I invite you to examine your life and routines. Are you being mindful or mindless when it comes to these routines and habits? What is important? Where can you cut the fat, so to speak? Where can you improve? Or perhaps, finding your purpose is what you will do with this time. Living a life that inspires me and keeps me connected to my purpose is the only way for me now that I've found it. Either way, use your time to your benefit, the Universe is asking you to pause, heal, and reset. Don't worry about setting goals and achieving right now, it's time for reflection and healing. Stay well, friends.



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