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New Venue, New Audience

Hello all! Many changes have occurred since the last blog post. I wanted to officially announce some news here on the website/blog. I have gone back to my roots of teaching yoga to school teachers after school. It was how I began my yoga teaching journey and I am happy to be able to give back to the education community where I live.

After being in education for many years, I understand the stress and demands that are placed upon educators and how little time they have to accomplish all they need to. Self-care is paramount when caring for and teaching children. Taking time for a yoga class once a week is a simple way to take care of oneself.

It feels good to be able to give teachers the gift of yoga at a very reasonable price. Classes are donation based with a suggested $5 donation. With that, I am also opening it up to not only educators and staff at the schools, but also the local community members.

After working in a small studio for a very short time, I have also discovered that I need to be my own boss. This new venture is going to allow the flexibility in my schedule to not only substitute teach, teach yoga, but also begin a children's yoga program here in New Hampshire. I am very excited with what the new year has in store for Rainbow Connection Yoga!!

Stay tuned for more classes!!!



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